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Resource Area

DI's Resource Area is home to all of the Challenge Experience materials. You will need to use the DI login you created when forming your team to access the materials housed here!


Your go-to guide for what it means to be a Team Manager, how you plan your season, where and how often to schedule meetings, and more!

Rules of the Road

The in-depth ins and outs of DI's rules, policies, and procedures.

Team Challenges

Your team will select one Challenge to tackle each year. Be sure to walk them through the full requirements and scoring criteria for the specific Challenge they select.


Instant Challenges

Here is a library of instant challenges you can use with your team!



Does your team have a question about the Challenge?


Submit your question (or Clarification) to DI's international Challenge Masters (ICMs), and find out if there have been any Published Clarifications for your team's Challenge


Team Manager Training

Complete training in the Destination Imagination resource area



Help your team reach their full potential with Creative & Critical Thinking Tools.

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