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New Program: Are you a new DI team manager?


We provide 2 in-person team manager trainings and multiple team manager drop-in trainings!

Plus, our "Team Manager Buddy" mentoring program provides 1-1 training that can guide you through! Please email us and we will pair you up with an experienced DI team manager in your area so you can use their vast experience to assist you and your team's DI season!

Teams can be of varying ages and are categorized as Elementary, Middle School, High School, and University. Students from K-2nd grade are considered Rising Stars and can participate non-competitively.​ A Team Manager is someone who is 18 or older and has agreed to volunteer their time to organize, supervise, and mentor a team of students.

To officially form a Capital Region DI team, a Team Manager must complete the following steps:


Step 1:

Find a Team and a Team Manager

Teams can be multi-age/grades and can go to different schools/homeschool.


Team managers can be parents, teachers or community volunteers. 


One team manager over 18 y/o is required, but two team managers is even better!


Most teams meet at a team member's home or school for practices. 


Step 2:

Purchase your team number and background check.

A team number and completed background check give you access to the full team challenges.

If your team is in Del Valle, Eanes, or Pflugerville, contact your district representative.

Teams forming in all other school districts, private schools, home schools, and groups must purchase a team number through Destination Imagination, here.

The cost to purchase a team membership for all levels is $165.00.

Discounts for Texas teams will be automatically given at check out. 

Background checks:

The team manager will need to have a background check in place. 

These can be purchased for $25 when buying your team number, or a school district can submit their list of team managers and verify they have already completed a background check. 


If you have questions about background checks please contact us


Step 3:

Have your team choose their challenge

Have your team choose their preferred challenge once you receive your challenge materials.


You can view challenge previews here.


Step 4:

Attend Training

Attend training hosted by Capital Region. You can view upcoming training on our regional calendar.


Step 5:

Register for tournament and submit two Appraisers

You can register for the Capital Region Tournament, here.

The registration fee to participate is $95.00


Each team will need to provide two volunteer appraisers for the tournament. 


Appraisers are required to attend oneh and will be needed all day at the tournament.

Note: Appraisers will not be able to watch performances (including if it is their child). 


When looking for appraiser volunteers have team members as family friends, neighbors, grandparents - think about people that have a history of DI, Odyssey of the Mind, drama, or STEM.


If your team is unable to provide an appraiser or would like to opt-out of one or two of their appraiser slots, they can pay the $100 per appraiser opt-out fee. 

Once I formed my team, then what?

Then the fun begins! Teams typically meet at least once a week after school to tackle the Challenge of their choice, practice Instant Challenges, and prepare props, sets, costumes, movies, science projects, or anything else to meet the Challenge requirements. The Challenges themselves will answer a lot of your questions and guide your team!

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