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Want to start a team? 

We would love for you to be in Capital Region DI with us this year! Click here to learn which program is right for you.

Ready to get your team number for the 2023-2024 season?

Click here to learn how to start a team.

Superior Performance Competencies Achieved Through Destination Imagination: 


This study, published in the Archives of Business Research, found that students who participate in Destination Imagination (DI) can: 

  • cultivate distinctive behaviors that drive exceptional performance, and

  • be equipped with the capabilities to excel upon entering the workforce.

And if superior performance competencies are what you're looking for your students or children, then let's talk about how you can bring this transformative opportunity to them! Set up a meeting with us here!

Destination Imagination was recently named one of HundrEd's Top 100 most impactful innovations that are changing the face of education!

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