Congratulations to the DI Dynamites!

The DI Dynamites earned 2nd Place during the DI Digital Open. Congratulations to this team and all of the creative problem-solving solutions over the years. Way to go!


What is Destination Imagination, Capital Region CPSO?

Destination Imagination (DI) is competitive creative problem-solving for students K-University.

Teams of students (2-7 members) choose a STEAM-based challenge in the Fall and present their solutions in the Spring at a local tournament.

Why do Parents love DI?

DI is an affordable, accessible program designed to support your children’s passions, creativity, and intellect. It’s also a chance for you to get an exclusive peek into your kid’s daily life, see how they interact with their peers, and watch them learn and blossom.

"I love DI, it has a place for every type of child to thrive."                                                             - Louise Howard - Team Manager, Parent